I'm READY to make sales!

Like 90% of my clients, you've tried marketing your service-based business but it's not working.

❌ You've bought courses (which you don't complete).
❌ You've joined and cancelled low cost memberships (that simply don't deliver). 
❌ You've hired a professional to write some of your copy (but it doesn't work in isolation).

You feel like you've been given the tools, but left to your own devices to make them work.

Real talk: Without an expert eye and advice on how to improve, you can hope and pray you're a good writer, but how do you know what good looks like?! 🤔

That professional, objective advice is the missing piece in many a course and program.

SpoilersIt's the reason I made my own copywriting program 💅

I created the program I needed and never found when I started my 6-figure business (and what my clients tell me they're STILL LOOKING FOR).

I'll show you how to write the copy you need now while giving you the skills to write whatever you'll need next.


Your secret weapon is Think-Write-Sell.


Master copywriting and you'll have everything you need to prove your worth, up those prices, and smash your revenue targets. 

Goodbye, overwhelm. Hello, solid foundations and consistent sales.

Strong copywriting changes the game in every aspect of your business from client acquisition to successful delivery.

It's a non-negotiable in business today. A crucial skill for getting inside the mind of your ideal client and giving them what they need to make their buying decision.


In 12 weeks, we'll explore 4 core copywriting areas (with supported self-study, practical assignments, and weekly Q&A sessions) to apply and embed your learning.

We'll cover your ideal clients, your customer journey, and my proven process for selling 4 and 5-figure services (100+ happy clients).

I'll show you my 5 step framework for creating social posts that sell (without sleaze, and succumbing to pushy, salesy tactics).

Landing pages have one job: to convert. I'll show you how to build your argument and structure your pages for maximum impact (and ROI).

When done right, email has the highest ROI. I'll share my tried and tested email sequences that nurture subscribers into paying customers time and again.


Your weekly activities look like this 👀

In our 12 weeks together, you'll follow a 3 week rolling schedule, so you have time to absorb, apply, and embed your learning before moving onto the next core area.


By the end, you'll have professional-quality copywriting to use across your:

✅ Social media

✅ Website and landing pages

✅ Email welcome, nurture, and sales sequences.

Is Think-Write-Sell right for you? ⚖️

Great question, and one I've put a lot of thought into because I believe copywriting is accessible and achievable for everyone.

To get the most from the program, here are my top-level recommendations:

✅ You're a service-based business owner or work in a service-based business.

✅ You WANT to learn copywriting and you're open to constructive feedback.

✅ You have a MINIMUM of 2 hours a week to commit to learning copywriting.

✅ You play WELL with others. This is a group program - I maintain a warm vibe.

✅ You'll give this your ALL. Do that and it'll change your business for good.


Frequently asked questions 🤔

I KNOW you'll have questions! Here are the ones I'm asked most frequently. Have one that's not answered here? Head to the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Hey there, I'm Vicki!👋

I’m a copywriter, copy educator & copywriting mentor, and I've been running my 6-figure copywriting business for 3 years.

High ticket services are my speciality and I've worked with more than 100 business owners selling 4 and 5-figure offers online. 

I advise on copywriting strategy, as well as writing for clients across socials, sales pages, landing pages, websites, email sequences, and more.

Let's get you thinking, writing, and selling your way to 6-figures! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Let's talk investment...🐘

(by now, it's the elephant in the room, right?!)

I created Think-Write-Sell because of the GAPING hole in the market for a blended learning experience focused on copywriting. 

Its specific, supervised, and supportive nature make it what it is: an accelerator for significant business growth.

THIS is the program for you, if you're:

✅ READY to learn this premium skill

✅ ABLE to commit to 12 weeks of learning, implementing, and coaching

✅ WILLING to put in the hard graft needed to succeed.



It's everything you need to sell your services and

grow your business to 6-figures! 📈


Guaranteed to bring leads into your service-based business

or we'll keep working together until that happens.


Think-Write-Sell: Pay in FULL

Think-Write-Sell your way to higher revenue, increased profits, and business growth with this 12-week copywriting program for service-based business owners.

Let's make more sales!

Think-Write-Sell: 3 x monthly payments

Think-Write-Sell your way to higher revenue, increased profits, and business growth with this 12-week copywriting program for service-based business owners.

Let's make more sales!


Want more info about Think-Write-Sell?

Ask away. I've always got time to help service-based business owners.